петак, 03. септембар 2010.

It's been a long time , The Divine Club

My school year started and I do not have so many time. As you know I go to medical school and I have just two more years till I get my diploma. This year is hard , we got some new professors and a whole lot of learning to do.
I told you that I will start something new in September so I think it's time to tell you all about it.
I have a DC plan that doesn't just include intake programs , it includes a complete personality change.
We all are on a search of perfection , aren't we?
So why can't we reach it, why is it so hard, why do we fail over and over again? Well The DC has a theory on that matter.
When we are on are intake programs all we think about is food and we forget about the other things that are important.
DC says that if we want to reach perfection we need to work not only on our body , we need to work on are personality. Why ? Because the body isn't all that makes a person perfect.
So If we want perfection , beside a pure body we need to have a pure mind, we need to be successful in our jobs and are community.
What DC offers is a good plan that is hard but if we stick to it in beginning we will change and it wont be hard any-more.

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