петак, 20. август 2010.

Lose 6.6 pounds in 4 days

So how did I do this?
Well my intake plan was 500kcal or less. One day I ate about 200 to 300 kcal, and the second 500 kcal , so I was eating. The intake is important, but it wasn't the intake that made me lose the weight so rapid.
I don't know what precisely made me lose all that weight, but I will tell you what I did.
I was cleaning the house, the dishes, going to shopping.
I was studying chemistry for about 5 hours everyday.
And a little dirty thing - well today I had made love to my bf.

All this things that I did burned every calorie I have eaten and much more.

I didn't workout!!! ( well I didn't have the time for it )
So If you are up to it, this is a good plan for everyone that has exams. Studying makes you burn calories the most. ( my experience with studying )

I hope this will help someone. It helped me.

Stay strong
Think thin
Be thin

Lila Thorne

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