среда, 18. август 2010.

Smart play

Yesterday was amazing. I was in a mood of working around the house and it gave me some good (amazing) results.
The story:
My mother was on work (she doesn't have a full time job, just works with some magazine papers) and she told me to cook something for my sisters ( btw they are older from me 5 and 7 years). I made them a lot of food (didn't try anything that I cooked, I know it's good)and then I couldn't stop. I did the dishes and washed our clothes, just worked around the house.
I ate a little for lunch ( 74 kcal ). Drank coffee and I have to say I ate some fruits after that (100kcal) .
My mother came home and saw that the house was clean and she was so proud of me.
And when she is proud of me she doesn't want to control me ( how much I eat , how much I study ,...)
I made her diner and I ate (watermelon - I ate about 31.5 kcal)
Then I went to sleep.
Today I woke up and gone right to the scale. I lost over 3 pounds. I was in shock.

Review: If you work around the house you'll make your family happy, they wont control you and you'll end up loosing weight.

Stay strong
Think thin
Be thin

Lila Thorne

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  1. Well done! That's really good, I'm so jelous.
    I like your idea of doing housework and making your family happy. I'm gonna try it.
    Stay thin.