четвртак, 19. август 2010.

Chemistry Is Evil

I've done some house work again, but not so much as the day before. My mother let me go on a coffee with my bf M. and I was so happy. I didn't see him 10 days and I used to see him everyday. We are together for a year now. But my post isn't about that.
When I got home I ate and begun studying.
I mean I studied for 6 hours and didn't finish it. I have to know it all if I want to pass the year and yeah by tomorrow.
I'm sick of it.
The good thing is I've lost over a pound , yeah I'm 112.2 pounds right now.
I'll post tomorrow to say If I passed chemistry or not.
Love you all , you make me feel not so alone on this path to perfection.

Stay strong
Think thin
Be thin!

Lila Thorne

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