уторак, 17. август 2010.

Yesterdays breakdown

In 3 days I will know if I passed my school year or not. I was so stressed with learning chemistry and mat, so I was eating like a maniac and wasn't on any program.
Yesterday I had a wake up call from Ana (metaphor).
I must go on some intake plan and because my stress isn't going to get any better I decided to eat 500kcal a day until 20th august .
When I pass chemistry I'll go on Gone 3000 (20th to 26th, including 26th) and if I pass mat I'll go on Fading week until September ( 5 days).
When September starts I'll have a 5 day preparation diet that means I'll have an intake of 500kcal and will exercise a little.
Then when the new school week starts I'm starting something new.
It's a surprise.
HINT: It's more than a diet.

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