понедељак, 19. јул 2010.

Gone from my point of view

I love your skin oh so white
I love your touch cold as ice
And I love every single tear you cry
I just love the way your losing your life

Whoooo, my baby how beautiful you are
And whoa my darling completely torn apart
You're gone with the sin my baby
And beautiful you are
So gone with the sin my darling

I adore the despair in your eyes
I worship your lips once red as wine
And I crave for your scent sending shivers down my spine
And I just love the way you're running out of life

I always loved this song , and before I didn't know why , but now I know that this words are for girls like us , girls that are literally losing their life's.
The words say it all , pale , cold, torn apart, and finally beautiful .
Is it just me or is this song really made for us? I don't know, but I can tell you this , Who even cares , it's a pretty song .

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