субота, 04. септембар 2010.

Drinking coffee and smoking

Good morning.I'm on weekend and my mother is out so I can blog.
I'm officially singing in The Divine Club on 6th September. I haven't decided how will I introduce you with DC, but I think that I will have to open a new blog and link it with Gone. Gone will be my main blog , of-coarse,with all of updates.
So if I don't open a new blog , gone might change a little bit so I just wanted to let you know.
Stay tuned and you'll find out.

Stay strong
Think thin
Be thin

Lila T.

петак, 03. септембар 2010.

Have some medical questions?

If you have some medical questions ( we all have some health problems , anaemia , low pressure,etc.) please feel free to ask me, I will be happy to help.
Add a comment and I will replay you or , you can contact me by email lila.thorne@gmail.com

Stay strong
Think thin
Be thin

Lila T.

It's been a long time , The Divine Club

My school year started and I do not have so many time. As you know I go to medical school and I have just two more years till I get my diploma. This year is hard , we got some new professors and a whole lot of learning to do.
I told you that I will start something new in September so I think it's time to tell you all about it.
I have a DC plan that doesn't just include intake programs , it includes a complete personality change.
We all are on a search of perfection , aren't we?
So why can't we reach it, why is it so hard, why do we fail over and over again? Well The DC has a theory on that matter.
When we are on are intake programs all we think about is food and we forget about the other things that are important.
DC says that if we want to reach perfection we need to work not only on our body , we need to work on are personality. Why ? Because the body isn't all that makes a person perfect.
So If we want perfection , beside a pure body we need to have a pure mind, we need to be successful in our jobs and are community.
What DC offers is a good plan that is hard but if we stick to it in beginning we will change and it wont be hard any-more.

недеља, 29. август 2010.


I came back from my vacation ( I was with my BF for 4 days as a gift from my mother because I've passed the year ).
It was really wonderful , but I didn't have my PC so I couldn't write or read your posts.
It was hard to hide the fact that I'm not eating again from my BF , and even harder not to eat when he makes us a romantic diner. I still have 110 pounds , so I didn't gain anything back.
I will have to make this post short , 'cause I'm kind of exhausted.
I'll post something tomorrow. I stopped by just to say hello.

Stay strong
Think thin
Be thin!

Lila Thorne

уторак, 24. август 2010.

Perfect Ana

Today I saw Ana.
I was with my mother in shopping mall and I saw her . She was all skin and bones. I had to act because of my mother and say “Oh , I’m so sorry for that girl” , but the real case was that I so wanted to be her. She was so beautiful, pure and perfect. She wasn’t weighting more than 80 pounds , I’m sure. I have an eye for those things.
I can just say that I will try, and if I fail I will try again.

Stay strong
Think thin
Be thin
Lila Thorne

Math exam

I had my maths exam today. I nailed it. Need to go tomorrow to school to do some paper work and I will be third year of High Medical School.
Now here is the bad part. I gained a little. But nothing terrible. I can't be unhappy now. I passed the year!!!!!!!!!

Stay strong
Think thin
Be thin
Lila T.

петак, 20. август 2010.

Lose 6.6 pounds in 4 days

So how did I do this?
Well my intake plan was 500kcal or less. One day I ate about 200 to 300 kcal, and the second 500 kcal , so I was eating. The intake is important, but it wasn't the intake that made me lose the weight so rapid.
I don't know what precisely made me lose all that weight, but I will tell you what I did.
I was cleaning the house, the dishes, going to shopping.
I was studying chemistry for about 5 hours everyday.
And a little dirty thing - well today I had made love to my bf.

All this things that I did burned every calorie I have eaten and much more.

I didn't workout!!! ( well I didn't have the time for it )
So If you are up to it, this is a good plan for everyone that has exams. Studying makes you burn calories the most. ( my experience with studying )

I hope this will help someone. It helped me.

Stay strong
Think thin
Be thin

Lila Thorne

W is for double victory

I passed chemistry (I've got an C!), that's the first victory. The second thing is that I reached my first goal weight. I'm officially weighting 110 pounds. I gave myself a spa treatment as a gift.
In the next post I'll tell you how did I manage to lose all that weight in so little time.

Stay strong
Think thin
Be thin

Lila Thorne

четвртак, 19. август 2010.

12 hours

In less then 12 hours I'll have to do my chemistry exam. I'm on a age of having a nervous meltdown. If I fail I'll have to repeat the whole second year of medicine high school. Oh shit.

I came here so I could take a break .

I want to share with you one of my favourite songs.

Chemistry Is Evil

I've done some house work again, but not so much as the day before. My mother let me go on a coffee with my bf M. and I was so happy. I didn't see him 10 days and I used to see him everyday. We are together for a year now. But my post isn't about that.
When I got home I ate and begun studying.
I mean I studied for 6 hours and didn't finish it. I have to know it all if I want to pass the year and yeah by tomorrow.
I'm sick of it.
The good thing is I've lost over a pound , yeah I'm 112.2 pounds right now.
I'll post tomorrow to say If I passed chemistry or not.
Love you all , you make me feel not so alone on this path to perfection.

Stay strong
Think thin
Be thin!

Lila Thorne

среда, 18. август 2010.

Smart play

Yesterday was amazing. I was in a mood of working around the house and it gave me some good (amazing) results.
The story:
My mother was on work (she doesn't have a full time job, just works with some magazine papers) and she told me to cook something for my sisters ( btw they are older from me 5 and 7 years). I made them a lot of food (didn't try anything that I cooked, I know it's good)and then I couldn't stop. I did the dishes and washed our clothes, just worked around the house.
I ate a little for lunch ( 74 kcal ). Drank coffee and I have to say I ate some fruits after that (100kcal) .
My mother came home and saw that the house was clean and she was so proud of me.
And when she is proud of me she doesn't want to control me ( how much I eat , how much I study ,...)
I made her diner and I ate (watermelon - I ate about 31.5 kcal)
Then I went to sleep.
Today I woke up and gone right to the scale. I lost over 3 pounds. I was in shock.

Review: If you work around the house you'll make your family happy, they wont control you and you'll end up loosing weight.

Stay strong
Think thin
Be thin

Lila Thorne

уторак, 17. август 2010.

Yesterdays breakdown

In 3 days I will know if I passed my school year or not. I was so stressed with learning chemistry and mat, so I was eating like a maniac and wasn't on any program.
Yesterday I had a wake up call from Ana (metaphor).
I must go on some intake plan and because my stress isn't going to get any better I decided to eat 500kcal a day until 20th august .
When I pass chemistry I'll go on Gone 3000 (20th to 26th, including 26th) and if I pass mat I'll go on Fading week until September ( 5 days).
When September starts I'll have a 5 day preparation diet that means I'll have an intake of 500kcal and will exercise a little.
Then when the new school week starts I'm starting something new.
It's a surprise.
HINT: It's more than a diet.

понедељак, 19. јул 2010.

Gone from my point of view

I love your skin oh so white
I love your touch cold as ice
And I love every single tear you cry
I just love the way your losing your life

Whoooo, my baby how beautiful you are
And whoa my darling completely torn apart
You're gone with the sin my baby
And beautiful you are
So gone with the sin my darling

I adore the despair in your eyes
I worship your lips once red as wine
And I crave for your scent sending shivers down my spine
And I just love the way you're running out of life

I always loved this song , and before I didn't know why , but now I know that this words are for girls like us , girls that are literally losing their life's.
The words say it all , pale , cold, torn apart, and finally beautiful .
Is it just me or is this song really made for us? I don't know, but I can tell you this , Who even cares , it's a pretty song .